Kowloon Canton Rail Corporation (KCRC) Hong Kong East Rail

Intelligent Transportation


Railway Control Operations

  • Provides a flexible solution for an expanding system
  • Real-time reflection of incoming data
  • Reliable solution cut maintenance costs

The Hong Kong East Rail, owned by Kowloon Canton Rail Corporation (KCRC), consists of both passenger and freight rail services. The East Rail comprises 21 miles (34 kilometers) of railway, which includes 14 stations and carries about 800,000 passengers per day and more than 1 million tons of freight per year. In addition, KCRC regulates 42 passenger trains and nearly 450 train cars. Passenger trains run 19.5 hours per day and freight trains run 24 hours traveling between Hong Kong East Rail and mainland China. Hong Kong’s East Rail provides vital infrastructure to one of the world’s largest cities and has plans for continual expansion.

A complex and growing transportation system such as Hong Kong’s East Rail required a simple graphics solution to improve intelligent transportation system reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.


Sammi was selected as the graphical solution for the new rail control center to help manage and control railway operations. Realtime data reflection and response is imperative for KCRC’s operations, and Sammi’s architecture delivers a proven, reliable solution for a detailed and heterogeneous system. Operations are displayed in real-time and are wholly reliable, providing the system availability and safety necessary to run both passenger and freight control.

In fact, Kinesix’s partner in the KCRC project, Invensys Rail Systems, reported 100% on-time train schedules and system availability of at least 99.998%. Such impressive reliability reduces maintenance and operations costs due to maintainability, and is made possible with the real-time graphical solutions provided by the Kinesix Sammi product.

Integrated user interfaces that replaced existing user interfaces were transparent to the user. KCRC used Sammi to replicate existing user interfaces making the transition to the new system painless for system operators. This ability to re-create user interfaces that were already in place lowered staff training costs and assured a smooth transition to the new system.

Sammi® is a registered trademark of Kinesix Software.