Siemens Energy & Automation Johnson City, Tennessee

Process Control


Factory Automation

  • Ready solution providing quicker time to market
  • Built-in networking that promotes main application features
  • Runtime Environment that reduces development time and resources

Siemens SIMATIC Process Control Solution (PCS) process manufacturing and information control system provided “Totally Integrated Automation” for its users. The scalable plant-wide control solution, available for both Windows and UNIX platforms, offered a means to control an entire process stream, viewable from a desktop. The PCS system managed normal continuous and batch operations as well as discrete functions.

Siemens required a graphical interface solution for the PCS system that would offer all the components necessary to display a complete range of processes. The commercial off-the-shelf graphical solution was required to be self-contained and separate from the main application in order to maintain its integrity. Finally, the Runtime for the graphical interface needed to provide networking capabilities — an integral feature of the overall application.


The Sammi Application Development Kit was selected for the Siemens PCS system because of its wide range of display features. Sammi offers more than 40 pre-built dynamic objects that require no graphics compiling to display. Sammi could be kept separate from the main application, assuring that integration with the PCS system would only require glue code, rather than requiring contingencies within the application for an integrated graphic display solution.

Sammi’s Runtime Environment has networking built-in. Displays can be viewed on any operating system, regardless of the originating data source’s operating system. Utilizing Sammi’s simple API (less than 70 function calls) meant there was no need to write complex networking interface code. The end result for the Siemens PCS system was a much quicker time to market and high return on investment over programming an in-house graphical interface solution.