Kinesix Spotlight Newsletter April 2015


Buy One / Get One Free Plus New Failure Prediction Product: NEMO

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  1. Buy One / Get One Free – For a limited time, buy an ADK or FE+ and get a second product of the same kind for free. Maintenance for both products will be included through the end of the year at no charge. Quantity limits may apply. Contact for more information.
  2. NEMO – Failure Prediction
    NEMO shows you when and where a failure will occur. It analyzes and predicts. It monitors the system and continuously learns its dynamics. It shows dependencies that are hard to recognize even for specialists. So that availability can be planned.NEMO allows you to plan downtimes and repairs. Workers can see when spare parts need to be ordered, when maintenance should take place and when resources must be planned; all without special knowledge. Emergencies become rare.

    You save collateral damage and collateral cost. And save up 20% of the maintenance budget. You biggest win: Availability. And you learn the correlations between highly complex and networked causes for events that will only happens much later. You keep the effects in view. Another gain: Process optimization.

    Automatic. Precise. Reliable. And always learning.

Case Studies:

  1. Predicting Vibration in Nuclear Power Plants
  2. Failures of Wind Power Plants
  3. Catalytic Reactors in Chemistry and Petrochemistry
  4. Identifying and Predicting Failure of Valves
  5. Predicting the Dynamometer Card of a Rod Pump


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