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Sammi 7 and “Code-Behind”
Sammi 7 – adopted by several major customers already, bring a whole new dimension to the Sammi suite of products with “code behind” using a Python scripting interface. Currently, this is only supported within Sammi Studio but will soon be part of the Runtime Client as well.

What can you do with Sammi and Python?

a. First off, Studio itself is based on Python so it can be customized it to your own specific requirements.
b. Example of Read Key Validation: Add Python code to verify read key input or use it to provide dropdown list to that read keys don’t have to be memorized.
c. Example of test automation: Through the Sammi Object Model (SOM) you can query format attributes and receive callbacks when an objects’ runtime data buffer is updated. By using this information, you can automate various test scenarios for a given format.
d. Example of dynamic object creation: Components in Sammi formats to be created programmatically, such as adding objects to the format.

All coding examples are available at www.

Debugging Best Practices – Formats
What is the best way to debug a Format (display)? Below are some basic steps that come in handy anytime you need to trouble shoot a display:
a. Figure out the steps to duplicate the problem
b. Create a test version of the format
c. Remove objects from the format to isolate it to the smallest combination of objects on the format.
d. Update objects from ndbm server or another Kinesix provided server to see if you can duplicate the problem from an independent data source.
e. If the problem persists, contact Tech Support and send your display to them.

Debugging Best Practices – Peer Application
What is the best way to debug your Sammi peer application? There are many ways to do this but there is a straightforward way to check on the data going back and forth between Sammi RTE and your peer application buy using the debug option for the Sammi process s2_stream.

a. Edit your start_sammi stript
b. Locate the start “s2_stream” area
c. Add the option “-d” for debug
d. The next time you run your application, all data and other important info will be echoed to the console
For more information on this and other Sammi debug capabilities, check out the Sammi System Administration Guide and the API manual.

Kinesix Licensing Options
Additional licensing options available. There are numerous ways to license the Sammi products and components. For example, there are “enterprise wide” and “project wide” agreements that can allow unlimited use of software or at the very least the RTE or Editor can be shared across a network through a network license manager.
For more information on licensing contact

New Tech Support Form on Website
A new form for submitting tech support questions is now available on the Kinesix website. This form provides a direct path to Kinesix Technical support and ensures we receive all the pertinent data to quickly solve your problem.
This form can be located at:

Kinesix Software
Woodway Dr, #10012
Houston TX 77056

End User License Agreement

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