Kinesix Spotlight Newsletter – Dec 2014


1. Why purchase product maintenance and support?
Basically, a maintenance and support bundle is a form of insurance that protects you from potential downtime and provides the most efficient release available. Obviously this is an intangible until a problem occurs- then it is very much a real “hands-on” problem
Although Sammi has a great track record and is very stable, we do add new features each year and there is always the chance of a bug creeping in. From a software bug to a hardware failure, a maintenance and support contract can help get you back up and running quickly.

2. What do you get with a standard maintenance and support contract?
a. The ability to contact our highly trained support team at any time. Your call will be prioritized and you will be notified of a tracking number for future reference if needed.
b. Software patches and “dot” releases for your major version.
c. In addition to standard technical support, you have the ability to move licenses from one machine to another by requesting a new license for the target machine. (Fees may apply if switching operating systems.)
d. Right to purchase the next major release at a 50% discount.

3. Why require maintenance and support just to change a license?
Any call into our support line requires a maintenance and support contract. Even for a license request/change (maybe your hardware failed and you need to bring in a new machine) it takes time and effort for us to look up your contract, validate the license, collect information for the new license and then generate and record the new license. With over 25,000 licenses installed worldwide, this one phone call or email (multiplied by all of our users) takes up much of our time in tech support.

4. What is the current cost of a maintenance contract?
Currently a maintenance and support bundle is 20% of the current list price of the product per year. For example, for a RTE under 2014 pricing at $2,400 USD, a support contract would be $480 for one year. For this, you receive all of the benefits described above. Just one incident will gain a return on your investment.

We do offer a quarterly payment option but the price is 22% instead of 20% and is paid at the beginning of each quarter.

5. What if my maintenance contract expires or lapses?
Whenever you purchase new software you have 30 days to purchase a support contract, although most people include it in the original software purchase.

When a contract expires, you have 30 days to renew that contract or it will have “lapsed” and will be suspended. In order to reactivate a suspended contract you will pay for however many months have lapsed plus an additional 12 month term looking forward and typically there is a reinstatement fee of 10% depending on how long the contract has been suspended.

We have a special program right now – if you have software not under contract, we will overlook the lapsed months and the reinstatement fee and allow you to purchase a 1 year contract as if you had just purchased the software. (Certain terms and limitations may apply).

6. What about support for product versions that have reached end-of-life?
Just like all commercial software, certain versions of software reach the end of their useful life. Usually this is because the release is very old and has been replaced by much newer versions. For example, Sammi 4 and 5 reached end-of-life status several many years ago and Sammi 6 will reach end of life toward the end of 2015 now that Sammi 7 has been available for quite a while.

You can still purchase these product and maintenance and support contracts but at a premium. Call your salesperson or to get help for your specific situation.

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