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 Kinesix Introduces New Products for Optimization and Prediction

                OMEN – Plant and System Optimization Tool



Kinesix is pleased to offer a new product for optimization called OMEN. OMEN’s purpose, through advanced data analysis and non-linear modeling of your plant or system to provide a “whole” system optimization. Many customers currently have optimization on specific components or sub-systems but with OMEN, you can optimize the system as a whole.

      Improved system output

      Quick ROI

      Real-time optimization

      High volume data analyzed 24/7

      Automatically adapts to changes in system


How it works:

1.   Analyze historical data of system.

2.   Using collected historical data, perform mathematical (non-linear differential equations) modeling of system.

3.   Implement model and begin real-time observations.

4.   OMEN will suggest changes to system for most efficient operation based on desired goals of end user. (Can be closed loop if desired ).

Where is OMEN being used? OMEN has an impressive customer list including Siemens, BMW, BASA, Astrium, BP ad others.For additional informaon, please go to:



Kinesix Software
Houston, TX 77459

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