From chemical plants to power plants to almost any kind of process driven industrial facility, OMEN can help improve a system’s efficiency.

Analytics - Case Studies
  • Predicting the Dynamometer Card of a Rod Pump - A rod pump is a simple device that is used the world over to pump for oil on land, see figures 1 and 2. Basically, we drill a hole into the ground and cement the hole (with a well casing)so that a nice vertical cavity results. Into this cavity a rod is inserted that is Case Study
  • Identifying and Predicting the Failure of Valves - A chemical plant has a particular unit that is meant to combine several chemicals from a variety of input sources in order to provide a gaseous output (called “tailgas”) with a composition that is as constant as possible. In our particular case, this task is run by an assembly of 40 valves that Case Study
  • Predicting Vibration Crises in Nuclear Power Plants - In a nuclear power plant, if the vibration of the turbine axle exceeds a certain limit, we speak of a vibration crisis. It does not represent a real damage but it could, if left unchecked, lead to a major failure. The exact cause of the problem is not precisely identified at present but it always Case Study
  • Catalytic Reactors in Chemistry and Petrochemistry - In a catalytic reactor, at least two substances are brought into contact with each other. One is a substance that we would like to change in some chemical way; and the other substance is the catalyst that is supposed to bring this change about. The two substances are mixed and heated to provide the Case Study
  • Wind Power Plant Failure Prediction - Wind power plants sometimes shut down due to diverse failure mechanisms and must therefore be maintained. These maintenance activities are costly due to logistics and delay-especially in the offshore sector. It is possible to model dynamic evolving mechanisms of aging in a mathematical form so that Case Study
  • Prediction of Turbine Failure - It is possible to predict a turbine failure using historical data. On a particular turbine, a blade tore off and completely damaged the turbine, requiring extensive and expensive repair and replacement. After the event, the question was raised, whether or not this failure could have been predicted Case Study
  • Optimizing Chemical Processes - A chemical plants efficiency and profitability can be optimized using mathematical modeling. The optimization tells the plant operators which set-points should be modified in order to obtain maximum profitability. This method requires no engineering changes to be made to the plant whatsoever. In Case Study
  • Increase of Oil Production Yield - Sometimes offshore oil wells break down and need repair such as when a pump fails. If spare parts are not readily available, this can cause unwanted downtime that is expensive in terms of yield failure and repair costs.We show how costs can be minimized by predicting the status of pumps up to four Case Study
  • Increase of Efficiency in CHP Power Plant - The efficiency of the combined-heat-and-power coal-fired power plant Reuter-West in Berlin, Germany can be increased by 1.1% using mathematical modeling of its processes. For complete details on this case study, go to: Increasing Efficiency of a Power Case Study
  • Reducing the Internal Demand of a Power Plant - A power plant uses up some of the electricity it produces for its own operations. In particular the pumps in the cooling system and the fans in the cooling tower use up significant amounts of electricity. It will increase the effective efficiency of the power plant if this internal electricity Case Study