By definition, data analysis is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information.  Further, those conclusions are used by organizations to make better business decisions.

We optimize plants with advanced data mining techniques and mathematical modeling of the system as a whole.
No need to write or maintain any code because of Sammi’s built-in networking and GUI code.

Kinesix has partnered with Algorithmica Technologies in an effort to bring to our customers a data analytics tool for optimizing their business. There are many plant optimization solutions on the market but our products are unique in that they take into account the entire plant as a whole, not just a single process or set of variables. if it can be quantified and measured, it can be optimized!

Data Analytics:

  • Optimizing chemical processes
  • Increase oil production yield
  • Increase the efficiency in CHP power plant
  • Reducing the internal demand of a power plant

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