General Electric Power Systems Schenectady, New York

Process Control


Turbine Monitoring

  • Remote visualization & control of turbine data
  • Real-time status of turbine instrumentation
  • Quick display building provides instant ROI

The General Electric Power Systems plant in Schenectady, New York had long been monitoring remote turbine systems by sending engineers to the remote sites to check on turbine status. This practice of physically checking the status of the turbines was a time consuming and impractical solution to the problem of turbine monitoring. Problems could exist long before a visit was scheduled, or no problem may exist at all making the trip a necessary expense rather than a practical one.

According to GE, “The turbine engine may be one the most important and enduring of GE Power Systems' products.” A practical and cost effective solution was necessary in order to better manage such a valuable and expensive instrument.


General Electric equipped its remote turbines with sensors that would relay critical data to its main control center. Sammi was used to provide a quick and effective solution in order to effectively display the data relayed to the control center. Using Sammi, GE was able to quickly build displays and provide a means to relay incoming data to the displays through Sammi’s Runtime Environment. A fully operational graphical interface was able to be build in a matter of days, whereas in-house development would have taken months.

Ultimately, critical information was made available to engineers without them having to travel to the remote location, saving time and resources and providing instant return on investment in the Sammi product.

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