all and sundry etymology
All and sundry from that town attended the event as the local sportsman was felicitated for his achievements. ეტიმოლოგია: all + and + sundry სინონიმები: everyone, everybody. All Free. What does sundry mean? Meaning of all and sundry. Hide Quotations Hide Etymology Cite this entry. Divers is a related term of sundry. In both words the etymology reveals the origin of the vestment, which is no more than a glorified survival of an article of clothing worn by all and sundry in ordinary life, the type of which survives, e.g. Making this news public would mean that all and sundry would know that our company is not doing well. is sometimes used in Sc., like a', as = every, before singular nouns. form all (the original form also in O.Sc.) As nouns the difference between divers and sundry is that divers is monster while sundry is (usually|in the plural) a minor miscellaneous item. The St.Eng. sundry sondry, AS. The expression knight in shining armour denotes a person regarded as a medieval knight in respect of his chivalrous spirit, especially towards women. In A Concise Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1993), B. ALL, adj. sundry If someone refers to sundry people or things, they are referring to several people or things that are all different from each other. What does all and sundry mean? Etymology: OE. Meaning of sundry. She told all and sundry about their poor financial state and why she could do nothing about it. Information and translations of all and sundry in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. and adv. (See Lone, Lane.) Information and translations of sundry in the most comprehensive … As adjectives the difference between divers and sundry is that divers is various while sundry is (obsolete) separate; distinct; diverse. See A'. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A. Phythian explained: Despite its medieval feel, this is a twentieth-century phrase, first recorded in print in Victor Canning’s Whip Hand (1965).… Free samples were given to all and sundry. All and sundry : Alive and kicking Prevalent and very active (Informal) 1991 Mark Tully - No Full Stops in India – You deliberately choose unknown actors, although India is a country where the star system is very much alive and kicking. Definition of all and sundry in the dictionary. All and sundry definition: All and sundry means everyone. sundor asunder. Scientists, business people, and sundry others gathered on Monday for the official opening sundry {a} several, many, various, divers, different sundry In Australia, an extra sundry sundry - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. ... All and sundry. (See Sundry.) See Sunder (v. t.) Other Dictionary Sources Consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds ("sundry sciences commonly known as social") Synonyms: assorted, miscellaneous, mixed, and motley. (3) All my lone, -lane. All and sundry need not come. Definition of sundry in the dictionary. syndrig, fr.

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