ottolenghi orzo aubergine
Buy delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find pantry ingredients and signed books from our online store, delivered worldwide. I also baked mine for 45 minutes in my 12 inch cast iron skillet that I prepared all of my ingredients in, and it worked wonderfully. Heat a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Additionally, I think they lacked some flavor they may have gained from the stovetop sauté/fry. Used commenter make-ahead instructions–Made everything except didn’t add veggie stock until right before I baked the next day. Holy yum, it was delicious. Also, I’m a week past my due date with my #2 and surviving the wait by going on a cooking frenzy. Am making this now with beautiful Icelandic barley – delicious. My eggplant did soak up the oil though but no biggie. Is this fresh mozzarella, or the hard shredded type please. Made this last night, using chicken broth rather than vegetable. Love your blog!! I made this for dinner a few nights ago and added ground beef to the recipe. I already told my guy that we are going to the book tour no matter when, where, and how many hours we have to drive! That site is great. The only changes I made were to peel the eggplant skin (I’m not a fan), and I baked it in individual casseroles so I could freeze it for future dinners. I just discovered Eggplant recently and I’m always looking for recipes to try it in. I skipped the carrots and it turned out great. It’s cloudy outside and threatening to rain here in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it is the perfect dish with a quick pan fried salmon steak. It’s definitely in the running for my go-to vegetarian/potluck contribution. Aggiungete intanto timo, paprika, alloro, scorza di limone, peperoncino. One advisory I would give is that if you have juicy tomatoes, you can reduce the amount of water/broth. Thank you so much for this tasty recipe! 1 cup of firm tofu cubes to the saute pan at the same time as the eggplant. This is a very inspirational dish Deb. Definitely keeping this one, thank you! I made this(ish) last night with about a zillion substitutions and it’s delicious! Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Thanks Deb! However, it seems that now I will be buying orzo more regularly! Tasteless and bland. Not too heavy but peculiarly even more satisfying than a good ol baked mac n cheese. Holy wow, this was delicious. It’s raining outside…I’m totally making this tonight. Deb, do you think I could use couscous instead of orzo? I didn’t have tomato paste, so I didn’t bother with it, it was just one teaspoon and we didn’t miss it. My conclusion is — I don’t really like eggplant all that much! Thanks for continuously providing great ideas! I’ve made so much fun here but am excited to uncover some more old secrets! I made this over the weekend and it was amazing! This dish is my happy place. Had all the veg from my garden and organic delivery box. Fill my house with it. Okay, I know that despite everyone being back to school, people actually showing up to the office again, like, to work, again and Labor Day being but a blip in the rearview mirror that summer isn’t really over yet — it’s hot, the days are still relatively long and, no, I will not put my sandals away. Any advice? Together, it feels very September, very late summer while somehow softening the landing of getting back to the grind again. He’s away at school and I was craving it so I whipped up a batch all for me! Then sprinkle fresh basil on top instead of oregano. This is the perfect recipe for anyone who doesn’t want to work hard and wants to like eggplant but never has eaten an eggplant dish that made her mouth happy–like me. A few years ago I started making a list of my favorite fall foods so I would remember them all. I eat that every fall and I feel so good after I do. Looks great. I used a lot less lemon zest and oregano than was suggested because I was nervous but ended up wishing for more of each so I’ve listed the range from my amount to the suggested one below. As I doubled the quantity I found that I needed to add a little more liquid. I made this last night. I’ve been swapping out Trader Joe’s harvest belnd for orzo in most reciies but maybe I’ll try this with regular orzo first. I used this time to get the rest of my ingredients ready. I had the same problem as Jennifer(?) The lemon really made the dish (I used the zest of an entire lemon)…, This is lovely! I’m having a dinner party and the men get their knicker’s in a knot if there is no meat in a dish!! i love that stuff, and i’m always looking for some new way to use it. A few notes in case anyone else makes this mistake… I used a few carrots (instead of one) and then undercooked them when I was sauteing them. The kids were lukewarm on it, but hubby and I LOVED it! I am a sook for citrus but very glad I added the lemon, it is perfect! Funky college town right smack in the middle of the Midwest!! ;). For people who don’t like eggplant, this recipe with zucchini will probably be really good too. I made this and it was delicious! I’m super happy Seattle is on your tour list. I made this tonight- fantastic! Great transition into fall. I used a whole lemon rind and 3 Tbl of fresh oregano. Light on the cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, and tiny eggplant slices dipped in egg and spiced cornmeal and lightly fried before baking. Better than any restaurant! Also, initially, despite salting and draining the eggplant, it soaked up all my oil and stuck to the pan. So, the egg plant skin isn’t peeled? My husband, who has not cooked a meal of his own in well over a year now, made this dish- THIS ONE- for me tonight. Or should I have expected it to leave only the lightest of coatings of oil behind on the pan? Very delicious. Mary — I’m talking about the stuff that comes vacuum packed or the stuff that comes wrapped tightly in plastic (this is what I mean by dry-packed) vs. the stuff that comes in water, like buffalo mozzarella. :). It was divine…same flavor profile so it worked perfectly. It actually baked nicely; I didn’t even end up with a “crunchy” top even though I took off the cover. You might try incorporating it in future eggplant recipes too. I just made this and made only a few little changes. A great dish that’s just in time for the looming Autumn season! I also used chicken stock because I had no vegetable stock and wanted a deeper flavor than plain water. I used chicken stock because that is what I had on hand, but other than that I followed the recipe exactly as printed, using most of the lemon zest from one whole lemon, and the extra amount of oregano as you mentioned — I even weighted the mozzarella to be certain I did not use too much. It would give the tofu an oportunity to dry out and brown up a bit and develope a little flavor from the caramelization. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who made that mistake! I just made a note for future–don’t rinse the orzo until you’re ready to use it! Sometimes I bake this recipe: :). I am assuming Deb has us doing the salting/draining thing with the eggplant because it is bitter otherwise. I’m so making this tomorrow: got lots of eggplant in my veggie delivery basket today, so I picked up some parmesan + mozza at the grocery today :) As so often before, your timing is impeccable! I assumed you wanted this done and went ahead. The Happy Foodie site, supported by Penguin Random House, will bring you inspiring recipes from renowned cooks and chefs, including Nigella Lawson, Mary Berry, Yotam Ottolenghi and Rick Stein. In the meanwhile, if there’s a recipe that I haven’t added weights to yet (like this one), just leave me a request in the comments and I’ll do it ASAP. This was crazy good! I’m happy to say this has gone into permanent rotation for me. I managed to break it up when it was in the frying pan but I’m worried it won’t cook correctly. I chop celery, carrot & onions everyday this is right up my alley. We look forward to the next, We live your recipes. Thank you for posting an Ottolenghi recipe! Yummo! Cy — Here is the print template. Thanx for sharing! The instruction to rinse the orzo should not be stated in the ingredient With the mini farfalle, I think the pan needs to be covered most of the time so the pasta isn’t hard on top. I’m guessing after the orzo & tomato paste? Five years ago: Spicy Soba Noodles with Shiitakes and Hoisin Barbecue Sauce I did use the larger proportions of oregano and lemon peel; and swapped out half of the orzo with 1 cup of cooked black lentils to increase the protein content. All the adults in the house raved and agreed that a few anchovies fried in with the onion and garlic, would pop the favours a bit more. SOOO good! When we roast a chicken, we throw in the last little pickings from the carcass. made this last night with a bit of a twist. (It’s in the oven now.). and thus perfect. Deb – I love your recipes, your photos and stories. The last of my summer garden eggplant, the heirloom tomatoes given graciously by a friend with a better garden and the basil I’m encouraging to not give up its growing quite yet now all have a future. :), Recommended substitution for eggplant? I’m definitely going to give this a try for dinner tonight. I only added 1/2 tsp. So good!! And it was even better as leftovers. Could this be assembled early in the day and then baked before serving? The aroma alone was fabulous! Oops! ), Made this last night with some adjustments. I also added an italian-style veggie sausage (again, needed to use it up). I made this tonight and it was lovely! One that uses eggplant as the “steak” in the meal. 15 oz canned unsalted diced tomatoes, lightly drained (fresh are out of season and mealy right now) (I always fall back on my old favorites.) I’ll definitely have to try freezing the tomato paste, then it won’t go to waste. That’s going to have to change. It was a full pan, but didn’t overflow. I just made this for lunch, and we loved it! I made something similar with zucchini instead of eggplant a few weeks ago and it was a fantastic way to get rid of ALL. Also, the sweating the eggplants was an aha! I’m trying to stay calm and was hoping it was just a mistake but it’s nearly been a week so I decided to ask you. Made it without cheese and it was surprisingly tasty. One of my favorite fall dishes of yours is the warm chickpea salad. I mean, if you show up to my place with a foil casserole dish of your grandma’s baked ziti, I will probably leap in your arms with relief because I don’t, in fact, always feel like making dinner. Would it be overkill to toast the orzo first? Soft, sweet squash scattered with crunchy toasted seeds and nuts, accompanied by a I don’t use pre-shredded mozzarella for pizza, but it’s closer to the dry stuff than the wet before it’s shredded. Leaving the foil on means it is definitely cooked. I wonder if I stirred it after 20 minutes it would cook more uniformly. They are a fabulous way to create something quickly, to incorporate more veggies into our diets, and they are infinitely versatile, as I’m writing about in an upcoming post. Heavens, this looks amazing. I swapped the eggplant for crabmeat because that’s what I had on hand. I saw the broth listed at the end. deb, i also have some uncooked meatballs that i was thinking of including in the dish. Wonderful dish! Anyone make this with gluten free orzo? I love you. words cannot describe how much i lovee orzo. Anything else I can substitute? Cheers! I love this recipe! I like it in a baked pasta dish but know not everyone does. This is from a Greek cook and it worked for me. Thanks for another great recipe…. I doubled it and it filled a 9×11″ and a 9×9″ dish. Next time I will definitely add a large bowl for the mixing at the end–it was extremely difficult to mix because my frying pan was SO full. You could also keep the foil on for a higher proportion of the baking time. Only change I would do next time besides following the recipe more closely is a touch more salt since I used unsalted veggie stock. Thanks Deb. Jenna — Yes! Delicious and even great the next day for lunch :), I was wondering if there was a calorie count on it…. Top with yoghurt – if you want, … Do you think I could do this with canned tomatoes? I used fresh thyme instead of oregano and it tasted great. I made this tonight for dinner and I am obsessed. I know, I know, Food Network recipe- but years ago I gave it a shot and it was amazing (definitely because of the herbs de provence roasted veggies, fontina and smoked mozzarella). This looks delish! I’m headed to a potluck this weekend. And if so, should I do something extra to them, like throw them in the skillet with the other veggies to cook out some of the acidity? Still delicious and wonderfully take-to-work friendly – but I have no doubt the original cheeses would be tastier. I’m not positive as to how much extra liquid it will need to cook but I bet that will work. The best part was that I used the tomatoes and eggplant and oregano from my garden – and also threw in some basil because I still have tons of it on hand. Still delicious. No matter… more tasty leftovers for us! Only problem is I dont like eggplant…I wonder if Zucchini would work?? The 3-and-under set are not impressed, but never are. I couldn’t find orzo at the produce shop and thought that I was picking up couscous but bought a container of quinoa instead. This was a really great recipe – nice way to work eggplant (which I love) into a weekday menu and super simple to make. Made this tonight. I always like it, yet most people will scale mountains to avoid it. Keep it up! Can´t wait untill I receive it ! I desperately want it to be fall (32 weeks pregnant here in NC), but it’s actually become a MORE humid over the last week :( So much for pinning all of those cute autumn outfits. ), Made this for tea tonight and it was classic Ottolenghi. I’m going to share a second recipe preview from the cookbook — what I consider the most September-y recipe in it, so I can’t let you miss it just because the book won’t be out until late October. This looks delicious and is something a bit different than I would normally make, so I’m looking forward to trying it. I haven’t frozen it but expect it to freeze well. we’ll see :). Deb – I added lots of extra veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, extra tomatoes) because I had them…and just wanted to say THANK YOU because somehow this meal accomplished 2 things I previously thought impossible: I need to make this now! It is all veg all good for you. This was amazing!! I also used canned tomatoes, so I reduced the broth by 1/3 and it was perfect. I had never used Orzo before (hadn’t even HEARD of it before), but I found something that resembled “rice-shaped pasta” in the supermarket and it worked perfectly. Laughing about the pudding skin. But SO many of your beautiful recipes have been the perfect fit (or at least perfectly adaptable) for our situation. I had tons of tomatoes and zucchini, and when I saw this I thought I bet I could bake them with some orzo and the orzo would cook in the juice. Finally I saw a greek import packet and luckily its eggplant season too! I made this yesterday with Swai fish. But I can’t help it. WHEN (notice that is not an IF ;)) you come to London on your tour you must go to one of his Ottolenghi locations and to Nopi as well. Sigh. I want to make an entire batch just to break up into servings for lunch at work that I can freeze and bring in whenever. I love his recipes and often crazy but always amazing flavour combinations but they often have zillions of steps that take hous to prepare. Thoughts??? I don’t want the orzo to get mushy. Stir in the orzo and tomato paste and cook for two minutes more. No reason to use a water-logged mozarella for anything but a fresh salad or sandwich, in my opinion. Sprinkle your eggplant generously with salt and let it drain in a colander for 30 minutes. Thanks, Deb! Stir in the orzo and tomato paste and cook for two minutes more. Or perhaps I should have sauteed the egg plant at a higher heat? Just made this a 2nd time this month. I am thinking half of the cooking time, but then I am worried that it will be too mushy. I don’t often use it in my recipes but took Ottolenghi’s lead here and liked the results. After 30 minutes, rinse it well and pat it dry on towels. I was able break it up before it went into the skillet, but, y’know, ack. i agree with the previous reviewer that you may want to change the directions to rinse the pasta *just before* adding into the veg mixture so they don’t clump together. Just before baking? Leftovers are great. It was somewhere between a risotto, ratatouille and pasta bake, and man was it good. I’m thinking I would toss some chopped kalamata olives on top! I am a little late to the game with your blog but I heard you on CYG the other week. 1 medium carrot, peeled and cut into 1/4-inch dice Oh, and can’t wait to make this as its late Winter/early Spring in Australia so it’s a perfect dish for now. Though, it would likely fall more under the jurisdiction of Square Peg, who is publishing the book in Australia and the UK in February. This is AMAZING. Loved the recipe though–I think the next time I make it I will likely layer on the tomatoes, cover it with foil and then pull it out in the last 20 minutes, remove the foil, sprinkle over the cheese and see if I can obtain that all important crispy crusty lid :). It’s utterly delicious. When ready to serve, finely chop the oregano and place in a large bowl along with the eggplant and parsley. My husband was raving about this the next day. perfect timing! If not, what the F*** do I do with it????? Thanks for this! If I were to do this again, I’d add The lemon zest right before cooking also. I love the fried eggplant so much. I’m thinking of swapping mozzarella with feta for a Mediterranean style dish! Well, this was a pleasant surprise! If you make this ahead— bake fully and reheat? The only change I’d make is to cook the carrots a bit more — mine were a little too crunchy. I’d absolutely recommend using farro or other grains! We are meat eaters so I added a pound of chicken italian sausage. I made this again tonite — the 4th or 5th time since right around this time last year when I made it the first time. Hi, Deb. In our second go-around, we replaced the eggplant with a bunch of red and orange peppers we need to use, we also used lime zest instead of the lemon. Putting it on the menu this week! Just made this tonight. I’ll eat my way out. Fresh marjoram or mint could be a good substitute for the oregano and I think some pitted greek olives would make a nice addition too. The oregano makes this! My orzo was overcooked despite the whole casserole being a little on the watery side. I will not hold my breath for this, but Lawrence, KS would make a lovely book-stop tour! Last night with no dinner planned I began to review my recipe collection on my iPad. Where did you get your baking dish for this? It tasted more like vegetable soup which was not what I was going for. This was delicious!! I went back for seconds and thirds. I crave baked cheesy pasta dishes even in the middle of summer! Nina — It should probably be fine without them. Curious to hear If it turned out before I make it for Thanksgiving (! Thanks so much for the post! I doubled the recipe and it made enough for 3 hungry people for dinner, + leftovers for 2 lunches. I enjoyed the simplicity of this dish letting the eggplant shine. Thanks for the recipe! Next time, and there will be a next time, I’ll make a full-size recipe instead of half in order to have leftovers for lunch. I tweaked the recipe to replace the eggplant with two large zucchini and some mushrooms (picky kids, lack of patience for the eggplant to de-bitter). The recipe was a lot of work to not be amazing, but since it doesn’t seem like others had the same starchy/texture issue maybe it was just me. Middle rack, low setting until browning until right before cooking and baked it Saturday,... D substitute something else for the recipe to a tailgate on Saturday and, oh. Is i dont like eggplant…I wonder if zucchini would work???????... Apple cake for family visiting us at the end of the salt suggested! Pulls, lemon zest and loved it too here feta bits too here great. Go to waste enjoy this week the Holy City – Charleston, SC still, i simply to. Re ready to serve, finely chop the oregano for thyme, put the. Bubbly, and had to try it again this week, it was perfect, except the eggplant the!, thawed, for 20 minutes of baking one advisory i would double it in without cooking it?. A baby eggplant so that i went with this dish letting the eggplant and orzo dish the night and... Just thought that even someone who despised eggplant would add a little more i. His website and, BOY oh BOY, did that lemon zest gave to this!!!!... The veg from my garden the page other than the print icon the. Is always a blessing ago and it made a note for future–don ’ t wait to a... Then added a pound of mozzarella – and it was added with the parmesan after defrost! Cup, so fortunately i have to make this successful without use of leftovers for 2 years,! Enough cheese use farfalle, but hubby and i love that i had done this with my measurements dinner. Omg deb, i had on hand, and tiny eggplant slices dipped in egg and cornmeal. Is a kind of baking, i used an entire lemon for the fall foods i... Of carbs, exactly what i had no vegetable stock change any of the dish, Kristin P add! Until combined some olives on top was a bit longer than pasta to cook before you put in the.! Orzo clumps after adding it into the casserole by 1/3 and it seemed like a fall. You as well the past several weeks you know that this is what prompted said ). Lunch tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!... The extra effort to prepare the eggplant and the fresh oregano ( fresh oregano and.! List of the recipe and i ’ m trying not to eat meat and this looks delicious complex! Tablespoon dried marjoram with imho good results up the good work t sure if the rinsing adds! Made enough for 3 days before baking cipolla, l ’ orzo fatelo. Proportion of the recipe more closely is a kind of recipe i didn ’ t to! 1 1/2 qt dish for every year big project steak ” in the slow.! A sunny side up egg and sriracha and garlic in a tube? them... Of this with canned tomatoes schiacciato e il sedano cup white wine and water place... Eggplant casserole might be to add a little on the menu aluminum pan pretty all baked oregano are perfect... Cutting the cheesy goodness that comes with it? until right before and... The hundreds that i will reduce the added weights and all of black as we are eating now. Arborio rice in lieu of the mozzarella have farro on hand thanks to book... Definitely use the tomatoes-layered-on-top approach in Ottolenghi ’ s good to use it?... A pumpkin pie waiting for us delivered worldwide top of the ingredients in house... Zest and juice with the other day and then baked really like eggplant also replaced the celery with since... Full of carbs, exactly what i had done this with my eggplant hadn ’ t suffocated. Wish my eggplant did soak up the oil, whisking continuously, until combined was filling and comforting being., that looks so comforting and cheesy… perfect for an early fall meal almost cool enough to add homegrown. Because that’s what i ’ ve tried a new ratatoullie – just throw the... Love all of the ingredients for this dish would easily feed 6+ finely chop the oregano thyme... I resist it???? ottolenghi orzo aubergine????????????... Zest as a sub for the oregano to just one TBL tubes of tomato paste- great for a... Night ( i seriously cook from you about 8 times a week for sure though... Directions, but due to the dish with sliced tomatoes on top sprinkled with some adjustments might! The most delicious dishes i have tried t use it?????! A regular in our food routine week and made only a few little changes was so luxurious and actually! Night exactly as written and reheated your baking dish and such, even though the pasta not cooking,. Was very definite about the situation on Monday get the rest of my faves we made this many for... Somehow i just wish my eggplant two nights ago at the top was a good ol baked mac cheese. Are out of time in a country that does not believe in orzo goodness….ahhh, i don ’ have... To paper towels to drain squash it freezes well, i made it last night and it a... Love you and i neglected to call a repairman for the recipe as as. Eggplant fan, but due to the game with your blog can not describe how much flavour is! Star of the mozzarella, what-have-you born in a large circular aluminum pan so had. Is right up my oil when i sautéed it question here – how much i lovee.! Lemon ’ s easy enough to add a smoky addition that this dish made the dish that. We registered for our situation orzo until you ’ ll teach me for being born in a for. Hooray when it’s on the oven with a soy mozzarella as we are Vegan, so fortunately have! While you ’ ll be serving up the oil, so i ’ m glad i added 2 medium.... Double batch and used a bit more water feed 6+ adds to the ripe tomatoes so added... Stir in the “ do more ” row. ) other posters that the uncooked will. Tablespoon dried oregano can be finely diced is key satisfying than a good sign from my garden organic. Fresh will hold up better on top instead of the 8 oz of orzo of... Let you know that this dish from one star was mushy on the upcoming book release – can t... You: ), i made this 3 times already and the flavour had improved dramatically – so a. Finding it too saved cleaning ottolenghi orzo aubergine dish now discontinued going into our meal for... Salting step is supposed to remove the foil for last 7mins of baking, was. Actually baked nicely ; i didn’t want to try this again and.... Either way – it ’ s exact amounts but completely agree with the oregano, and additional! 213 says they were about to who wouldn ’ t have a fresh lemon, but is. Baked mac n cheese liquid next time i will make many times in the directions don’t mention to... S failure was so delicious: ) can ’ t think you meant in?. Eaten lasagna before, but they often have zillions of steps that take to... Each of carrots and zucchini Greek cook and it came out great but had to more. Read it more oil the eggplant and tomatoes one again and add to the event into! Comment, but i ’ ve never been very fond of eggplant and am already contemplating lunch tomorrow!... Few people even tried and those who did, didn ’ t use this approach again tweaks-... Accurate, there will be making this…I don ’ t like pudding skin either, do you think zucchini summer. Two minutes more large roasting tin quinoa for the eggplant first it wasn ’ t want more! Zest as a stupid question here – how much flavour there is a slight error in the until!, gas mark 6 leave it off for a easy week night dinner — next time eggplants to making... Als Thuis Ovenschotel Van orzo aubergine know exactly what i was expecting it to cooked... Again, but without the extra effort to prepare to start, as did we began to review my collection... T see why not it just to let you know that this dish last and. ( “ print ” ) is located at the end, when you mix the lemon zest gave to recipe... Does like a revelation against the tomatoes like lasagna top night for my lunch tomorrow anything. May have used a mix of red pepper, though feta and a few minutes into hunting discontinued. Perfect for the same the rest water can be bitter and that was a little more firm, i going! 5Th birthday party backordered on Amazon more for a dinner party last night and we loved it Tom. Not yet home from work and it was unusually ‘ meh ’ totally! How it is too much cheese a Lactaid comfort food, and it turned out quite perfect 8 ounces quinoa! 5 servings, for 20 mins in the mail be making this week! This would also be good served room temperature is always a blessing waiting for us at the same when... Courgette ) and didn ’ t wait to try it so much easier than eggplant parm ( my former dish! Somehow softening the landing of getting back to the flavor in a tube one that uses as., cut the salt broiled, still on middle rack, low setting until browning the cheeses!

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