Operating a complex production plant requires much expertise. Even the most experienced operator cannot simultaneously watch hundreds of measurements around the clock. To optimize this process automatically through data mining and mathematical modeling, we are introducing the OMEN product. (OMEN is a software product developed by Algorithmica Technologies and Kinesix is the official reseller in the US and Asia Pacific.)

OMEN can get 5 – 10% more yield out of a chemical or similar production plant. As this increase is worth a lot, this means a return-on-investment usually within one quarter. As OMEN delivers this return only via computations, it is not necessary to invest in plant technology.

OMEN is a computer program that learns how the process works completely automatically on the basis of machine learning. On the basis of this self-taught knowledge, OMEN computes how the process can be optimally operated. It functions purely on the basis of process measurements like pressures and temperatures and requires no human input. The operating team can use the program in real time in the control room.

Fast. Simple. And at little cost.

The main benefits of using OMEN:

  • Increase plant efficiency.
  • A quick return-on-investment.
  • Optimization in real-time.
  • Thousands of parameters monitored 24/7.
  • Solution automatically adapts to system changes.

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