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Industry Solutions

Regardless of your industry if you need to dynamically visualize your data, we’re up to the challenge and we’ll do it with the most sophisticated and accurate real-time graphics on the market.

Better daily-operating efficiencies and faster, more controlled responses to incidents on the railway. Tomorrow’s transit control system today.

Kinesix offers human machine interface software for complex real-time data. We combine the best capabilities of HMI/GUI software, networked data distribution and real-time data display into a single solution.

Our products bring the benefits of real-time visualization to your control room – giving you the ability to make faster, more informed decisions.

Our highly flexible graphics, with built-in networking, are simple to use and easy to customize, without any sophisticated programming. And, our products can be rapidly and easily integrated with your existing control systems and data sources – letting you deploy quickly with confidence.

In short, out products are right for any critical data-driven task, from satellite command & control system to pipeline management or energy distribution systems.

No matter what your data or graphical requirements, with Kinesix, you’ll visualize it in a whole new way.


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Did you know Kinesix consultants are available to make sure your projects get off to a good start through technical oversight, application integration, display development and more? Contact us and engage our team.