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Sammi Application
Development Kit (ADK)

Runtime Client App

The Runtime is a “pre-built” Client application (executable), specific to your operating system,  built around a framework that manages the graphical user interface (GUI) and all the real-time commands, events and data communication from your application(s) on the network. Runtimes on one platform (eg MS Windows) communicate across the network with data servers that may be running RedHat Linux – no problem!

Studio / Format Editor

Both are drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG graphical display builders!! Choose from a palette of pre-built controls (navigation/ streaming data)  or draw an object to be animated based on incoming data and logic tables Lastly, select for each data object, specify where it will get it’s data, and you are done! Bring the display up in the RTE and it is immediately live! Displays are saved as “binary” files (fast) called formats) that can be read by the Runtime. No code generated!

Application Programming Interface

The Sammi API is a small set of “C” language function calls. These interface with your application, loosely coupling your application with any Runtimes across the network.  Yes,  some basic  “glue” code, but no graphics or network coding is required!  In the end, Sammi enables your application/data server to focus on sending / receiving data and commands to/from RTEs.

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Sammi Suite
Development Years
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Project Savings

COTS products exist for a reason – to create savings! Visually building displays greatly reduces your “time to deploy”. Since there is “zero” code generated, long term maintenance costs are reduced as well. COTS studies indicate  both the short and long term savings can improve upon in-house development despite having to purchase software and support.

"out-of-the-Box" Runtime Client

The Runtime Environment (RTE) runs immediately as a stand alone application loosely coupled with your sperate data server through the Sammi API.  The underlying framework works behind the scenes handling data/command transfer, all graphics and much, much more.

Distributed Architecture

The Sammi Runtime Client and API are loosely connected thru a client server architecture, allowing data/commands across a heterogeneous network automagically – configuration files define the connection endpoints: … whether 1:1, N:1, 1:N or N:N. Any sever can talk to any number of Runtimes,

Multiple Visual Editors

Use the traditional Format Editor (FE) or the new customizable Studio.. Studio has an MDI interface allowing multiple displays to be edited at same time. Also included is  the ability to group work into “projects” and customize “read-key” selection. Both editors allow for drawn objects to be animated thru incoming data and rules created outside of any server code.

Asyncronous Communication

Although Sammi consists of a client-server architecture, a peer-peer, asynchronous communication layer is built-in, avoiding any “polling” delays. This enables the server(s) and RTE(s) to send information (“by exception“) at any time. 1) A single RTE (Windows) can connect with a single server (RedHat) across a network or 2) all server connect to all RTEs or 3) any combination in between.

Failover and more

The Runtime framework is a multi-process solution  can detect if a server goes offline and will automatically failover to a previously specified secondary application you designate. Also included: an alarm subsystem,  user mgmt, session mgmt, runtime key substitution and much more. The RTE utilizes numerous configuration files to define “logic” so that your server does not have to.

industry applications
Although the the Sammi toolkit has been developed for any industry with long term, mission critical (life critical) projects/programs usually involving command & control operations, Sammi fits just as well in any control room with the need to simplify complex data while saving money & time using COTS software products.
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