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The main component of Sammi is its pre-built Runtime Environment. With this straight-out-of-the-box application, you can just start it up — no compilation required.


During operations, the Sammi Runtime manages all commands, events and data between the users, layers control, the user interfaces created with Sammi Studio and networked, peer-to-peer applications. The result is a set of live, interactive graphical displays that are updated in real-time.

Sammi’s Runtime Environment is based on a multi-process architecture. This means each process is concerned with only one task – accelerating response time dramatically! Regardless of the volume of data being handled, the end user will see no delays. Traditional application architectures struggle with basic operations such as user input while high data rate/volume is going on – not Sammi. The Runtime will handle this and much more in the background such as failover, ensuring if a data source goes down a secondary or backup data source is connected automatically.

From access to view and interact with all graphics on every display to a “view only” profile, Sammi Runtime manages all user capability and security, which gives your System Administrator complete control over user rights and privileges.

Did You Know

The Sammi API reduces time to deployment through its data centric programming mode.

Sammi’s data centric framework handles networking and graphics management automatically.

The event loop enables updates to graphics as needed, does not waste cycles updating unchanged graphics.