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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense environments place extreme demands on everything from telemetry systems to command & control systems. This is where Kinesix comes in. Our solutions combine all your automation functions into a single human machine interface.

To put it simply, our software increases the capabilities of your command & control system
-adding dynamic and accurate real-time graphics that support large volume data streams and large numbers of users. We even make it possible to customize your graphics for specific needs.

For this exact reason, some of the biggest names in aerospace and defense have come torely on our unique software capabilities, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, the Aerospace Corporation and the Canadian Space Agency.

Even international organizations like the Japanese Space Agency, the European Space Agency, Russian Mission Control and Alenia Espazio have deployed our systems for their aerospace command & control needs.

The bottom line is clear: the aerospace industry depends on its command & control systems — and it can also depend on Kinesix.





Learn more about how Sammi can provide the solutions to your aerospace and defense command & control needs.

Did you know Kinesix consultants are available to make sure your projects get off to a good start through technical oversight, application integration, display development and more? Contact us and engage our team