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Frequently Asked Questions

Sammi is actually a suite of products that starts with the Application Development Kit or ADK. The ADK contains everything needed to develop a full application: a Runtime (RTE), an Editor (Format or Studio) and the API.

A quick way to get started with all the components is by using: Sammi_Getting_Started_Guide_7.0

Typically, yes. Although, when a project first starts, or goes through a new development cycle, a minimum of an ADK is necessary.

For most operational situations, Runtimes are purchased separately and deployed to the end users, either in a centralized control room or distributed throughout the Corporate WAN.

Yes, but and let’s be very clear about this – no graphics or network programming is ever required. The Sammi API is designed to fit seamlessly into a customer’s application and is only designed to send/receive data and commands. 

This minimized and straight forward API exists due to the Sammi Runtime – an application, ready to run right out of the box that is the brains of the entire application. 

The Runtime manages user access and input, networking and failover, all graphics animation, hiding and showing layers, … and much, much more. 

Because the Runtimes running the background all the time managing so much, the API does not need to anything more than provide and receive updates for processing.  

Furthermore, the Editor (or Studio) enables a complete drag-and-drop interface with built in logic that never needs compiling! Once a display is complete, simply bring it up in the Runtime and it works! Make a mistake? Go back the editor and make the change – all without ever stopping the Runtime or the backend application connected through the API.

Yes, we understand that most customers invest a significant amount of time and resources into building thousands of displays – having to “start over” with a new release makes no sense!

To ensure everything you create is 100% compatible, we provide tools that can be run within the tools or at the command line: fmt_unload and fmt_load. More information on these and other related scripts can be found in the System Administrator’s Guide (Chapter 7-8).

The Sammi API is written in C. In fact, all of Sammi, with the exception of the new Studio Designer, is written in C simply for performance purposes. 

Any language can be used with the Sammi API as long as it supports the C interface.

All Sammi distributions from Kinesix include a “docs” subdirectory with a complete set of Sammi documentation.

Kinesix is the only provider of the Sammi software. We develop the software in Houston, TX USA and we are the only source for purchase worldwide. 

Kinesix does work with VARs and OEMs and their customers can purchase certain components through them – but only because they have a partnership agreement and, more importantly, add value to the Sammi software. For example, they might add Sammi as the main HMI for their SCADA or control system.

The quickest and most efficient way to contact the Kinesix Technical Support group is by emails:

Note, that any questions related to licensing should go through technical support. The includes a replacement license if you lost yours, upgraded your hardware or whatever. (Please note that only customers under a support contract can receive new or replacement licenses.)

If you need any other help or have questions other than those related to technical support, please contact us at

Kinesix Corporation was formed in 1996. In fact, some of our current projects go back to before this time! 

Note that we also use the   name of (dba) Kinesix Software.

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