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You spoke, we listened. In an effort to respond to the needs of our customers, Kinesix is introducing a new display builder based on Python scripting language. The use of Python as the underlying foundation provides end users with access to the Sammi Object Model (SOM) creating the ability to customize all displays and add custom components.




Here are just some of the new features:

High-quality graphics — With the use of vector-based drawings, you can easily manipulate, resize and pan without losing resolution.

Intuitive layout — Studio’s layout reduces develop time while enabling the creation of sharper more realistic displays – all of which combine to create a better overall experience for the developer and the end user who interacts with the final product.

Dynamic Controls (Data Visualization, Input and Navigation) — Control and object properties can now be accessed in several different ways with each having custom editors where necessary. Of course, if you prefer the traditional Sammi 6 interface, these can be accessed as well.

Enhanced Color Palette — Say goodbye to pre-defined colors. Studio now provides access to all colors in the true color palette at all times. Combined with other enhancements like gradient filled shapes, it has never been easier to build useful and intuitive displays for your end users.

Read Key Enhancements (Topics) — In order to provide both an easy to use off-the-shelf interface for “read key” input and the ability to create your own custom dialogues, the notion of “read” and “write” keys have been replaced by “topics” with no impact to previous versions of the Sammi API.

Cross Platform Support — Although Studio may be deployed on Linux, Sammi displays can be deployed on many other operating systems including: RedHat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Solaris and Microsoft platforms. In other words, Studio provides the ability to export displays as Sammi “ascii” files that can be converted to platform specific formats through the use of “fmt_load” utilities available for each target platform.


Did You Know

The Sammi API reduces time to deployment through its data centric programming mode.

Sammi’s data centric framework handles networking and graphics management automatically.

The event loop enables updates to graphics as needed, does not waste cycles updating unchanged graphics.