Professional expertise when you need it

When you work with Kinesix consultants, you’ll have access to un-paralleled expertise in real-time graphical user interface (GUI) application development. Covering any industry from aerospace to medical, the Kinesix consultants will apply best practices to help you achieve your unique goals.

Kinesix consultants can take the lead in several key areas:

  • Technical oversight
    Architects and project managers make sure that your solution gets off to the right start, with a targeted application assessment.
  • Project involvement
    Product consultants work side-by-side with your developers, ensuring that the Kinesix products handle your specific needs.

A typical project may include everything from display development to application integration with back-end data sources. Any or all of the steps in between can be managed or implemented using the Kinesix team. For actual implementation, the Kinesix team can work at your site side-by-side with your developers or the project can be handled in-house at our Kinesix facility.

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Sammi 7 Free Trial

"Kinesix’s Sammi has been instrumental in allowing us to provide 100 percent uptime since commissioning the Hong Kong KCRC project in 1998. Sammi is very important in our system. " - Ian Whitehead, Project Manager Westinghouse Rail Systems

"We chose Kinesix's Sammi product because it met our specific needs —flexibility, and the capability for users to build their own types of displays without having to program." - Frank Batts, NASA Engineer

"Because of its ease-of-use and sophisticated graphics, Sammi enables our workstations on the ground to effortlessly process telemetry from our satellites in space. We never have to worry about whether or not the data is current, Sammi's command and control system ensures that we are always communicating with the satellite in real-time. In addition, Sammi's sophisticated graphics make the data easy to read and understand." - Edwin Fung, NASA Engineer