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Process Control

The rail industry has adopted a range of powerful new IT solutions in recent years and Kinesix’s human machine interface and GUI products are proud to be among them.


Our offerings make it easy for train command & control workers to monitor an entire subway or rail system in real-time.This means they can oversee everything from track control to signaling automation using state-of-the-art graphics.

Some of the world’s most highly utilized mass transit and freight systems in the world utilize Kinesix’s products, including customers such as the Hong Kong subway system (MTR), the Melbourne, Australia, transit system and the Beijing subway system.

Even the Vancouver subway system called upon Kinesix when they were tasked with upgrading their rail control system for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Why is Kinesix’s software such an effective railway graphical interface solution? For one thing, our products integrate numerous automation functions into a single offering with a common human machine interface. Such a highly advanced solution makes it possible to unify a wide assortment of control systems for disparate functions.

This, in turn, allows personnel in an operations center to view multiple systems simultaneously and easily – helping them to understand exactly what is happening across an entire transit system at all times. Now, the workers can access the information they need quickly and effectively through real-time graphical user interfaces developed by Kinesix.

It all adds up to better daily operating efficiencies and faster, more controlled responses to incidents on the railway.




Did You Know

Kinesix consultants are available to make sure your projects get off to a good start through technical oversight, application integration, display development and more? Contact us and engage our team.

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